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Cost of a War

  • Bombardment: Friday, August 29, 1952 – As part of a concentrated aerial bombing effort during the Korean War, the Far East Air Force would bomb Pyongyang, North Korea. Over 1,400 bombers and other planes would take part in this bombing, under the operation name All United Nations Air Effort. Just a month before an operation consisting of over 1,200 aircraft had bombed the city. Before some bombings flyers would be dropped into the city, warning civilians to leave the area. By the end of the war an estimated 75% of Pyongyang would be destroyed. A total of 635,000 tons of bombs, including 32,557 tons of napalm, would be dropped over the course of the war by the US.
  • Cost of a War: Thursday, August 31, 1865 – After the end of the Civil War, as with anything, a cost was placed on it. The Federal Government would estimate that the war cost nearly 5 billion dollars, in 1860 dollars. At the start of the war the US Government was around $65 million in debt, by the end of the war it was $5.2 billion! In todays dollars the government started with around $2.1 billion in debt and ended with around $167 billion. 1,030,000 Americans would become casualties, around 3% of the total US population, that includes the Union and Confederacy. Totals vary some but it is commonly accepted that around 750,000 Soliders were killed. That was around 8% of the total white male population would be killed, based off a 1860 census. The Civil War remains the most deadly war in US history to this day.
  • Flown in Battle: Wednesday, September 3, 1777 – Battle of Cooch’s Bridge, also known as the Battle of Iron Hill, occurs near Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. While Patriots would lose the battle, General Washington calling it a justified one due to overwhelming enemy forces, it is commonly held as the first battle where the American Flag would be flown. Three months before Congress would adopt a resolution for the creation of the flag. Based off the Grand Union flag flown in the early years of the war the Betsy Ross would create the first version of the flag to represent the American Colonies union. While this event can not be proven, it is still a legend worth believing.
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