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Double Mag Deep Dive – Get To Know The Eagle Industries Double Magazine Pouch

Why the Eagle Industries Double Mag Pouch?

The Eagle Industries Double Mag pouch is the sturdiest basic pouch you can buy for storing USGI Mags. It also stores P-mags. Sturdy construction, solid retention, and good drainage. These pouches cover all the bases you need, and none you don’t. Improvements are easy to make, and the pouch has some uses that may surprise you.

Magazine Fitment

This magazine pouch fits two USGI magazines snugly. It can fit two p-mags as well, but the fit is lot tighter. However, the fit won’t be exactly perfect.

This pouch also makes a great quick holster, or a mini-IFAK for extra preparedness.

Easily paintable if you don’t want just a Khaki pattern.
Excellent when mounted on a chest rig.
Makes for a great quick-access holster when entering and exiting a vehicle.
Fits p-mags as well as USGI mags.
Increase retention even more with HSGI bungees.
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