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End of Another Era

US Military History Throughout The Years

Short bits of history you know, and some you may not. The flag you see is that of the Northern Alliance. This alliance was crucial to keeping the Taliban at bay during the 90’s and they prevented them from controlling a huge swath of Afghanistan when the ruled from 1996-2001. They played an important part in the initial US campaign to cleat the Taliban out after the invasion. Let’s hope to see this flag flying across the Afghan country side in the coming weeks.

  • End of Another Era: Saturday, August 14, 2021 – Over the past weeks history has happened before our eyes. A country that has been the focus of America and the international community fell to the Taliban over the course of a few short months. In the last few weeks we saw them advance from districts to cities to capitals. For over 20 years our government consistently changed courses and goals for what it’ll take to leave Afghanistan and many of you have served or known someone who served there. Whatever your role was, from simple grunt to a leader of men or organizations, we’ve seen all of our efforts demolished. Blame who you will, I’m not here to sway anyone either way. Already a resistance is forming in Panjshir. Former Northern Alliance members, anti-Taliban forces and the masses of unorganized ANA soldiers and other government forces are assembling. We can only hope that they can turn the tide and show that over 2 trillion dollars was not wasted. There are Americans and other allied civilians trapped in Kabul and across the country. I ask that they are in your prayers as well as the countless others that will fall victim to the rule of the Taliban. I do not want to liken this to the fall of Saigon to much and do a disservice to those that suffered so much during the Vietnam War, both aboard and at home. But the similarities are fairly striking. If you served in Afghanistan and find yourself confused or overwhelmed by the recent events, please seek help or talk to someone. You’re not alone.
  • VJ Day: Wednesday, August 15, 1945 – Following the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a Soviet Declaration of war, Japan would communicate its intention to surrender under the terms of the Potsdam Declaration. Days later, on the 15th, Emperor Hirohito would announce to the Japanese people the surrender of Japan to the Allies. This day effectively ended WW2, since Germany had surrendered three months earlier. A formal peace treaty between the US and Japan was not signed until 1952. Within the Pacific Theater of WW2 there were around 426,000 Americans casualties, with 161,000 killed.
  • Bloody Ridge: Saturday, August 18, 1951 – Battle of Bloody Ridge, Korean War. In the summer of 1951 American and United Nations forces had reached a stalemate against North Korea following peace negations at Kaesong. Along the center of the Korean Peninsula, at the 38th Parallel, the opposing forces would skirmish for positions in several fierce and bloody battles. A series of hills were observed by UN forces that they believed the North to be using as observation positions. Beginning on the 18th, South Korean forces would start five days of bloody and unsuccessful frontal assaults on those hills. Eventually units of the 2nd Infantry Division would be called to assist in order to take the hills. The battle would still prove fierce and it would take a large American force, moving along a large front attacking multiple North Korean strongholds simultaneously. After nearly a month of fighting American and South Korean forces would take the initial positions sought, while the North Koreans would retreat and take position in a location to later be known as Heartbreak Ridge. American and Allied would sustain around 2,700 casualties, with the North Koreans losing around 1,400 killed. The US Army 15th Field Artillery Battalion would fire 14,425 rounds in only 24 hours during one engagement during this battle.
  • Battle of Blue Licks: Monday, August 19, 1782 – The Battle of Blue Licks. 10 months after Lord Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown, British forces allied with Native Americans would ambush and defeat a small American force near the Licking River, in then Virginia (present day Kentucky). The British force had raided settlers in the area leading to the local militia pursing them. The American militia leading would be ambushed, and defeated quickly, by the superior British force at the Lower Blue Licks salt lick. Notably, Daniel Boone and his son Israel were present fighting, with Israel being killed by a shot to the neck as his father attempted to help him escape from the British.

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