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Go Outside With Rugged USGI Gear

A lot of people like to complain USGI gear is just made by the lowest bidder and not the greatest out there. Well here are a few awesome pieces of gear that won’t last you years, but make life all the better at the same time.

USMC MARPAT woobies are still on sale for just $15.99 for Defective condition! Pair that heavy duty tarp with a zippered woobie and you’re ready for the woods.The US Army assault pack is a great backpack for carrying all the gear you need for an overnight camping trip, and the duffels will get all of your supplies where you need to go when car camping. Don’t forget batteries! Get a 12 Pack of AAA batteries for only $2.99, while supplies last. Sale items end Sunday, 13 JUNE 2021.

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