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Hydrate or Decease

Hydrate or Decease

We wanted to say “hydrate or die” but apparently that is trademarked by a certain company named after a humped back pack animal. Cough* Camelbak Cough*. Anyway, we have some sweet military issue hydration gear that you probably should have had last weekend. Its warming up fast and its critical to keep extra water for all your adventures and the hydration backpack is the easiest way to do this. Canteens are also great back up or for shorter ventures.
If you have not seen the Multicam Boonies we just stocked, you will want to check them out before they are gone. We also got a few in woodland and desert MARPAT for all the Devil Dogs out there.

Shipping costs suck. We know and we hate charging shipping so please take advantage of the FREE shipping on orders over $55. Also, get $10 off for every $100 of gear you add to your cart!
We just added a local pickup option on our website. If you are in Colorado Springs and want to pick up your order from our warehouse you can save yourself that shipping cost. All you have to do is place your order and then call us when you get here and we’ll bring it straight out to your car.

New Stock

*This is a new stock update, all offers and prices are subject to change.

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