US Army Tactical Assault Panel

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  • Fits 8 USGI 5.56mm Magazines
  • Built In Radio Pouch(s)
  • Fighting Load Carrier
  • Mounts To Body Armor
  • Internal Pockets
  • Fits AK Mags
  • Please Read Main Description For Important Details!

Issue Type: US Army Issue

Manufactured by:

  • Various Government Contractors

Country of Manufacture: USA

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USED & DEFECT Conditions DO NOT include any additional straps or buckles, just the standard Y Harness! Please see individual condition descriptions.

It’s TACTICAL! The Tactical Assault Panel is the updated version, sorta, of the now almost vintage FLC. The TAP is a modular platform that can carry a lot of the basic combat load needs of an individual rifleman. There are eight total pockets for magazines, each pockets being able to hold one USGI mag. You can shove up to two mags per a pocket, but they’ll be tight at first and will stretch things out. Mags are secured with a hook and loop flap that can be tucked away is not needed. The outer most pockets can hold tactical radios and are slightly larger as a result. On the front is enough MOLLE webbing for your favorite pouches or whatever else you need up front. At the back are three sleeves/pockets for smaller and flat items. Two are secured closed with hook and loop flaps and one with a zipper. These are good for maps and other items you need on your person ready to go. The TAP can be mounted multiple different ways to your kit or worn standalone. The buckles on the top side and sides allow you to directly mount it to your gear. When New there are three different sets of buckle included to best mate up to your body armor. There are also shoulder straps for standalone use, that can be adjusted to fit over your body armor if needed. Used TAPS include the shoulder straps only, no extra buckles. Overall the TAP is a great platform for beginners to more advanced tactical users. It offers a lot of room for magazines and pouches, and isn’t overly bulky when adjusted down.

New TAPs will include additional straps and buckles for integration with body armor. USMC Coyote Brown TAPs include many more buckles and straps than the Army TAPs in ACU, Multicam and OCP. Please see photos for examples. Used or Defect TAPs in any color will only include the Y-Harness and not any additional mounting hardware.

Please read the top line again before buying, thanks!


  • Fits 8 USGI 5.56mm Magazines – Fits eight (8) Standard Issue USGI Aluminum 5.56mm magazines.
  • Built In Radio Pouch(s) – Has pocket(s) that can carry handheld tactical radios, such as an MBITR.
  • Fighting Load Carrier – FLCs are a base vest for carrying the needed equipment and supplies for combat. They typically have MOLLE webbing on the exterior for accessories to be mounted. Can include built in pouches as well for ammo and other items. Can be worn standalone with compatible or included straps as a tactical vest, or worn over body armor.
  • Mounts To Body Armor – Can be mounted to body armor and worn as a detachable component.
  • Internal Pockets – Has Pockets on the inside for small items.
  • Fits AK Mags – See main description for details on fitment and tips.
  • Please Read Main Description For Important Details! – Main Description contains notes that apply to the item.

Manufactured by:

  • Various Government Contractors – This item is manufactured for the US government by various contractors.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.

Issue Type: US Army Issue – This item is genuine US Army issue.

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4 reviews for US Army Tactical Assault Panel

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    After listening to various sources say that for a chest rig we really should be considering capabilities beyond those that a micro rig can provide I started looking. There are a lot of great options on the market but most of them are in the $100-300 range. I wasn’t interested in making that kind of an investment for something I don’t actually know how much serious usage I’ll get out of it. Then the Venture Surplus email came in with the TAP. The price is unbeatable.

    I bought a coyote brown in used Condition. I am astonished at the quality of this. When I first got it I thought there was a mistake and I had been sent a new rig. After searching the entire thing I found one tiny spot of gunk in a corner about the size of a pencil eraser that serves as the only proof it may have been used. Mine included the full harness needed to use the TAP as a standalone chest rig as well as the split buckles needed to mount the sides to a molle cummerbund (not listed as included so may have been luck of the draw). Also included was an instruction manual for how to set it up in various uses and shows the additional buckles and mounting accessories that can be used to attach it to various plate carriers that aren’t included. I haven’t tried it on my plate carrier yet but it does look like it should fit the swiftclip placard standard at which point I’ll just need to figure out where to mount the split buckles on my cumberbund (which in my case is unfortunately not molle already)

    The quality seems excellent, there are 6 dedicated rifle magazine pouches with velcro flap retention, and two slightly larger pouches that can hold either radios, two additional magazines, or other equipment. In front of that is fully covered in molle to be expandable. Looking online standard loadouts commonly include an IFAK, two grenade pouches and a GP pouch or sometimes more magazine pouches. The scalability is really nice. I’m planning to add hydration of some sort and a GP pouch initially. On the back are three separate admin pouches, a larger center one, a smaller one to the left that are both velcro closures, and on the right a zippered pouch. The harness is pretty minimal, so I may add padding to the shoulders for comfort once it’s fully loaded up.

    Overall this would be a good deal at twice the price. Get one while you can. I’m looking forward to running the snot out of mine. After writing this review I’m questioning if I should get a second one in fact.

  2. Seth

    I was issued one of these before I went on deployment and it was a big improvement over the ACU FLC and it was durable for the 2 years I used it. I’ve been looking for one in good shape without out getting reamed out over the price for awhile.

  3. C (verified owner)

    Recently made the decision to buy one, as I used to use this exact rig while in the military and didn’t necessarily think I wanted to break the bank as I might end up running a different kit sooner or later. This being said, I purchased a used rig, and needless to say it was the best experience all around from quick shipping, CIF issue quality *even being used* and all the smells I miss from being in. Great stuff dudes. Get Some!

  4. WT

    If you are willing to swap a few buckles around (involves very minor cutting of threads), you can combine this with the milsurp 100L hydration carrier into a combo rig that’s pretty slick, and still be able to use the TAP with only its standard harness if so desired (the hydration pack will become less usable on its own afterwards). The “defective” hydration carriers are super cheap so check it out

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3XLR47-5129 1/2 - 32 1/2
3XLL47-5132 1/2 - 35 1/2
4XLR51-5529 1/2 - 32 1/2

Customer Product Questions and Answers

    Do the suspenders come with it
  1. 0 votes
    Q Do the suspenders come with it answer now
    Asked by Eduardo on January 18, 2024 6:07 pm

    TAPs panels include the harness needed to wear the chest rig.

  2. The features section mentions it fits AK mags; does that mean it can up to two mags in each pouch, or is it just one per pouch?
  3. 0 votes
    Q The features section mentions it fits AK mags; does that mean it can up to two mags in each pouch...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Andrei on December 21, 2023 3:14 pm

    Just 1 AK mag per cell.

  4. How do other than GI mags fit in this tap?
  5. 0 votes
    Q How do other than GI mags fit in this tap?
    Asked by Gary Haskins on October 28, 2023 12:27 pm
    There are no answers for this question yet. Answer now