Eagle Industries Multipurpose Chest Rig MPCR, V2

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  • Fits 8 USGI 5.56mm Magazines
  • Fits 9mm Magazines
  • Pouch Hook and Loop Closure
  • Buckle Closure
  • Sown In Pockets
  • Internal Pockets
  • Adjustable Fitment
  • MOLLE Webbing
  • Fighting Load Carrier
  • Eagle Industries Version 2, V2

Issue Type: USGI

Manufactured by:

  • Eagle Industries

Country of Manufacture: USA

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This is an MPCR tactical vest form Eagle Industries. The MPCR has tons of features allowing you to carry multiple magazines and other gear. Mags are secured with a hook and loop flap with an additional buckle closure. There are spots for smaller item on the front of three of the mag pouches and two pistol mag pouches as well. On the sides is MOLLE webbing for extra pouches or accessories. M9 pistol mags fit very tightly and the mag pouches may not accept polymer mags.All pouches are sown on, which reduces overall weight and increases durability. The rig is also split front with a zipper, which makes it easy to get on and off. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable along with the waist straps. On the inside are pockets for small, flat items like maps. These are a solid and ready to go platform for any occasion.


  • Fits 8 USGI 5.56mm Magazines – Fits eight (8) Standard Issue USGI Aluminum 5.56mm magazines.
  • Fits 9mm Magazines – Fits most double stacked 9mm magazines similar to an M9 mag.
  • Pouch Hook and Loop Closure – This pouch has an adjustable hook and loop closure to keep its contents secure.
  • Buckle Closure – This has a buckle closure to secure the contents inside.
  • Sewn In Pockets – Pouches or pockets are sewn onto the gear. Provides extra strength and weight reduction, while losing some modularity.
  • Internal Pockets – Has Pockets on the inside for small items.
  • Adjustable Fitment – Includes adjustable straps to for proper fitment.
  • MOLLE Webbing – MOLLE webbing on exterior for attaching additional pouches and accessories.
  • Fighting Load Carrier – FLCs are a base vest for carrying the needed equipment and supplies for combat. They typically have MOLLE webbing on the exterior for accessories to be mounted. Can include built in pouches as well for ammo and other items. Can be worn standalone with compatible or included straps as a tactical vest, or worn over body armor.
  • Eagle Industries Version 2, V2 – Version 2 pouches and gear feature improvements over older designs including but not limited to, additional features, lighter construction and slight redesigns. Version 2 pouches still retain the base design and features of the Version 1 item.

Manufactured by:

  • Eagle Industries – These are manufactured by Eagle Industries.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the USA.

Issue Type: USGI – These are genuine US government issued items made to military specification (mil-spec).

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Weight24 oz

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6 Color Desert Camo, ABU, AOR1, AOR2, BDU, DCU, Flecktarn, MARPAT Desert, MARPAT Woodland, OCP, Scorpion, Ranger Green, Snow Camo, ACU, Black, Blue, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Gray, Green, Khaki, Multicam, Olive Drab, Orange, Red, Sage Green, Silver, Tan

2 reviews for Eagle Industries Multipurpose Chest Rig MPCR, V2

  1. Shane (verified owner)

    BLUF: It’s clunky and can use some improvements, but it isn’t designed to be fast and improvements are simple. This is a good inexpensive macro rig.

    Cons: Mag pouches don’t really fit 2 polymer mags without fashioning some velcro extensions. The pistol pouch fits metal mags best, but not extended mags without more extensions. The map pockets use elastic tabs to pull open and these can be difficult with the velcro holding the map pockets closed. The horizontal adjustment for the integral harness leaves the hook side of the velcro facing in, towards the wearer’s clothing or skin. Long term use will wear on clothing, including the $300 dead bird jacket you wear when it’s cloudy.

    Pros: Besides the basic layout, the pouches are easy to modify. The whole rig is made of quality construction and quality material. There are buckles included on the harness that can be used, with a bit of work, with an Arbor Arms Tradesman or Tactical Tailor Removable Operator pack or the like. I ordered a used khaki version and could find no evidence of wear on it.

  2. David Sanders (verified owner)

    I purchased this rig for a particular purpose. I wanted a travel rig that was light, durable and would also accomodate any additional geat that I would want to add- IFAK snack pouch, ya know the essentials. The version I bought was khaki and in great shape despite being used. It shipped fast and was well packaged. Overall, I am very pleased. The split front is perfect being able to store the rig in my bag fully loaded, and easy to slip on without removing my hat or messing up my hair ( which when operating is essential to look great, right?) Witho mags and ut the sarcasm, the rig is very easy to get on and off- it also has additional straps for the placemnt of a hydration pack if you want. Total of I pistol mags without adding any addtional gear- not bad at all. The side had molle webbing as I mentioned earlier which is a perk. Out of the box this is range ready- or larping, or whatever it is youre into. The pouches secure with velcro and buckles. This isnt a tactical, im about to go speed load rig. However, you can tuck the flaps out of the way and have quick access to you magazines. Just keep in mind this piece of gear has an intended purpose, and it will work if you know what youre doing. The straps are padded and are very comfortable. Being H design and not cross or x pattern is a perk to me, again, easy to spilt on and off and over clothing or body armor if that is your thing.
    So far, I can not find anything to complain about.
    T. Sanders

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