USGI Type II BDU Shirt, 6 Color Desert Camo

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  • 6 Color Desert Camo Pattern
  • USGI Type I BDU Coat
  • Please Read Main Description For Important Details!

Issue Type: USGI

Manufactured by:

  • Various Government Contractors

Country of Manufacture: USA

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New, Used, and Defect Condition MAY HAVE some staining from EXTENDED storage in their original cardboard boxes! Main pictures reflect staining you can expect and most will wash out easily. This light staining is from the tops being stored for decades in their original cardboard boxes. Original Military issue 6 color DBDU uniforms are becoming more and more rare, so snag this piece of American Military history while you can.

This is a Type II DBDU coat that was used in the US Military into the early 1990’s. The coat is the same style as the Type I BDU coats that were around during the same time, just in desert camo. The Type II designation came about as it was in the newly adopted desert camo, while it still kept all the design features of the Type I coat. It has four front pockets with button closures and a button up front. The sleeve cuffs are adjustable and it has a large “Elvis Style” collar. The shirts are in the 6 Color Desert camo pattern, which was phased out soon in the early 1990’s.

Note on all Conditions: May include a Pre Sewn US Army Patch.
Note on Used & Defect: There will be unit, rank and name tape patches or noticeable areas of different fading from when they were removed. All coats are in usable condition, but may need some small repairs.


  • 6 Color Desert Camo Pattern – Developed during the 1960’s as a result of tension in the Middle East. This camo was trialed in the rocky deserts of California, which formed the basis of its design. Main colors are brown and tan with small black and white rock shapes spread throughout. The pattern saw use primarily during Desert Storm and operations in Somalia during the 1990’s. Uniforms in this pattern are referred to as the DBDU, Desert Battle Dress Uniform. Due to the rock shapes in the uniform the pattern also became to be known as Chocolate Chip. Even as the pattern saw use and widespread issuing, the pattern was already being replaced by the 3 Color Desert Camo Pattern. The DBDU camo pattern was phased out of service by the mid 1990’s.
  • USGI Type I BDU Coat – Issued from 1981 to around 1995. This is the first pattern of the BDU top used in the US Military. Distinguishing features of the Type I uniform is the wide “Elvis Collar”, low profile sleeve cuffs and adjustment tabs. The coats are button up with a flap to protect the buttons. Type I tops have the standard four front pouch type pockets. The outside edge of the top pockets are sewn flat with the inside and bottom edges bellowed. The bottom pockets have bellowed edges on both sides and bottom. The Type I uniforms were made with a 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton (NYCO) twill fabric. After combat operations in Grenada, the Type I would undergo some changes to accommodate for hot weather use. After adoption of the Type III the Type I would commonly be referred to as the “Temperate Weather” uniform. Service life expectancy of the Type I uniform was typically around two years.
  • Please Read Main Description For Important Details! – Main Description contains notes that apply to the item.

Manufactured by:

  • Various Government Contractors – This item is manufactured for the US government by various contractors.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.

Issue Type: USGI – These are genuine US government issued items made to military specification (mil-spec).

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XSR29-3267-7124 1/4
SS33-3663-6723 3/4
SR33-3667-7124 3/4
SL33-3671-7525 3/4
MS37-4063-6724 1/4
MR37-4067-7125 1/4
ML37-4071-7526 1/4
LS41-4463-6724 3/4
LR41-4467-7125 3/4
LL41-4471-7526 3/4
XLR45-4867-7126 1/4
XLL45-4871-7527 1/4
XXLR49-5267-7126 3/4
XXLL49-5271-7527 3/4
3XLR53-5667-7127 1/4
3XLL53-5671-7528 1/4
4XLR57-6067-7127 3/4

XSR23-2729 1/2 - 32 1/2
SS27-3126 1/2 - 29 1/2
SR27-3129 1/2 - 32 1/2
SL27-3132 1/2 - 35 1/2
MS31-3526 1/2 - 29 1/2
MR31-3529 1/2 - 32 1/2
ML31-3532 1/2 - 35 1/2
LS35-3926 1/2 - 29 1/2
LR35-3929 1/2 - 32 1/2
LL35-3932 1/2 - 35 1/2
XLR39-4329 1/2 - 32 1/2
XLL39-4332 1/2 - 35 1/2
XXLR43-4729 1/2 - 32 1/2
XXLL43-4732 1/2 - 35 1/2
3XLR47-5129 1/2 - 32 1/2
3XLL47-5132 1/2 - 35 1/2
4XLR51-5529 1/2 - 32 1/2

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