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Tactical Lawnmower Hats

Tactical Lawnmower Hats

Spring is here and so are the caps to go with it. We have got in an awesome mix of different color USGI boonies for all your spring and summer Ventures. The wide brim helps keep the sun off your head and neck. Vent holes to help keep you cool, they are perfect for hiking, camping and just being outside as it heats up. The Multicam caps were made by a US Government contractor for Crye Precision, so they are a pretty cool find. Also, Night vision J Arms are also finally back in stock! They go quick so if you are looking to finally finish up that MIL-SPEC night vision build grab one today.

Shipping costs suck. We know and we hate charging shipping so please take advantage of the FREE shipping on orders over $55. Also, get $10 off for every $100 of gear you add to your cart!

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*This is a new stock update, all offers and prices are subject to change.

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