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This Week in History | 4/12/2020 – 4/18/2020

Abraham Lincoln

12 April 1861- Beginning of the Civil War. Ft Sumter comes under bombardment after South Carolina succeeded from the Union. The fort was a source of tension to the newly born Confederacy due to it being a Union fort in Confederate land. After negotiations for the fort to surrender failed, it would come under 33 hours of bombardment. Amazingly, no Union Soldiers were killed in those 33 hours, with the only 2 deaths coming after a gun salute during the withdraw set off some cartridges prematurely. Three days after the start of the bombardment, President Lincoln would call for 75,000 volunteers to put down the insurrection that would become the Civil War. 

12 April 1951- The largest jet aircraft battle in history occurs during the Korean War. In the air over Sinuji, 115 F-84 and F-86 jets accompanying 32 B-29 bombers would engage 80 MiG-15 enemy fighters. 46 MiG-15s would be destroyed. 

12 April 2003- The US Congress approves almost $79 BILLION to pay for the Iraq War.

14 April 1865- John Wilkes Booth shoots President Abraham Lincoln at the Ford Theater while watching a play. He would die the next morning from his wounds. Coincidentally, earlier that day President Lincoln had authorized a proposal on the creation of the Secret Service. 

14 April 1865- Unaware the Confederacy had surrendered days earlier, the C.S.S Shenandoah set course for the north Atlantic. They would they would inflict crippling damage to the Union whaling fleet in the area. The whaling fleet would never recover from the havoc dealt. 

15 April 1952- President Truman signs the official Japanese peace treaty. 

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