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This Week in History | 5/25/2020 – 5/28/2020

25 May 1953 – At 8:30 AM the first (and only) atomic cannon was fired at Frenchman Flat, Nevada. The M65 “Atomic Annie” Atomic Cannon was a 280mm (11 inches) cannon weighing in at 83.3 TONS, when all components are taken in, with a maximum range of 20 miles. During Operation Grable the cannon fired a 15 kiloton shell 7 miles into the distance. While impressive and effective the cannon was obsolescent as soon as it entered service. Lighter and easier to deploy weapons were adopted, even with this the M65 was kept around until 1963 as a prestige weapon.

28 May 1754 – The Battle of Jumonville Glen during the French and Indian War. In what is considered the first engagement during this war, Lieutenant Colonel George Washington would lead part of the Virginia Regiment, a provincial corps, to support the building of a small fort. Fort Duquesne. While in route he would learn that the small contingent there had been forced to retreat by the French in the area. While moving to support them he encountered a French scouting force and would surprise them, leading to a British victory. Fort Duquesne would be destroyed by the French during the war but was later rebuilt as Fort Pitt, which is present day Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

28 May 1984 – On this Memorial Day the only American Unknown Solider from the Vietnam War is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. President Ronald Regan presided over the funeral and acted as next of kin to the Unknown. The Unknown Solider was awarded the Medal of Honor during the ceremony, as are all Unknowns buried there. In 1998 the remains were identified as Air Force First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie and he was reburied at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. 1LT Blassie was awarded a Silver Star during combat in Vietnam for documented valor. The Medal of Honor presented at the time of his burial at Arlington did not transfer with him after he was identified, as the award was presented to the unidentified remains. 

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