About Us

Just because your drill instructor was salty, doesn’t mean your Surplus store needs to be…

Venture Surplus introduced top-notch customer service to the Army Surplus industry in 2016.

Venture Surplus was started in a small Colorado basement with a desire to bring the highest level of service to the men and women serving in our US Army. Since then, we have grown significantly. Of course, we serve everyone else, too!
Gone are the days that you have to search endlessly through a bin of surplus gear, we have everything listed cleanly and plainly on our user-friendly site. Say goodbye to the “ARMY SURPLUS” sign over droves of cheap Chinese knock-off military gear. Venture stocks genuine issue surplus, and lists the NSN of every single item when available.
Our money-back guarantee stands out as our commitment to the armed services community, and our free shipping on orders over $25 to the continental US makes getting your gear easier than ever.
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