About Us

Venture Surplus introduced top-notch customer service to the Army Surplus industry in 2016.

Venture Surplus was started in a small Colorado basement with a desire to bring the highest level of service to the men and women serving in our US Army. Since then, we have grown significantly. Of course, we serve everyone else too!
Gone are the days that you have to search endlessly through a bin of surplus gear. We have everything listed cleanly and plainly on our user-friendly site. Venture stocks genuine issue military surplus and quality aftermarket gear so you can get the gear you need when you need it.

Hello all,

I’m Jeffry.

As the founder of Venture Surplus, I like helping soldiers and veterans get the gear they need. I love working with my team of veterans, providing authentic surplus. In the few hours I’m not working, I’m probably out climbing a mountain with my Fiance or skateboarding.

Hi! Im Lucas.

I was medically retired from the US Army after 8 years as a Forward Observer. I started working here two years ago after I got out of the US Army, and I am the Warehouse Manager as well as part owner. If I’m not at work you can find me enjoying the outdoors or working on my truck. I enjoy whisky too much and grill some pretty mean steaks.

Hello, I’m Ross.

I am the resident nerd here at Venture Surplus. I do our web development, systems design, data architecture, and anything that involves tech nerdom. I also coordinate our marketing. I am proud to be a part owner of Venture Surplus.

I am also a popular online music teacher, known as Ross the Music Teacher. When I am not working, I am playing music, skateboarding, or hanging out with my wife and dogs.

Hi! My name is Jade and I am part of the Administration Team at Venture Surplus.

I help with tasks such as preparing and shipping out orders, ordering supplies, handling inventory, as well as much more. My hobbies include adventures and photography. Although I went to school and received an associate degree in Criminal Justice, I have worked with Venture Surplus since October 2020 and enjoy coming to work. It is a pleasure being part of a team that works so well together, watching the company grow, and being a part of making things flow smoothly on the day-to-day basis.

Hey Everybody, my name is James and I am Receiving Lead here at Venture Surplus.

Yes, I am the lucky one who gets to sort through big pallets of cool military gear. Jealous? You should be. It’s always an adventure. In my spare time, I like to go camping with the wife. I love football and enjoy rooting for the Falcons here in Broncos country.

I’m just a Southern boy trying to stay warm in Colorado, which is easier said than done.

I’m Burt, Lead Processor at Venture Surplus.

I’m relatively new to the team, having started in January 2022. I assist with processing items into inventory, shipping orders, and customer service.

Having been raised in a military household, I am enjoying being involved in the surplus industry. When I’m not working, you can find me outdoors with the wife and dogs or at home watching hockey and growing my beard.

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