Venture Surplus FAQ Page

What is Army/Military Surplus?

Army Surplus is excess gear and clothing purchased by the government for use by soldiers that was never used OR used gear that was no longer needed by soldiers. It is all acquired from soldiers and auctions and sold at a discount. It is all high-quality gear that is manufactured to government and military specifications. That means that the gear and uniforms are designed to take the most possible wear and damage without failing.

How do I pickup my order in Colorado Springs?

We are open 8am – 3pm Monday-Friday. Must pickup up within 3 days of order or call to let us know about a delay. Call upon arrival and let us know what type and color vehicle you are in and we’ll bring your order out to you.

Do you have sizing charts?

XSR29-3267-7124 1/4
SS33-3663-6723 3/4
SR33-3667-7124 3/4
SL33-3671-7525 3/4
MS37-4063-6724 1/4
MR37-4067-7125 1/4
ML37-4071-7526 1/4
LS41-4463-6724 3/4
LR41-4467-7125 3/4
LL41-4471-7526 3/4
XLR45-4867-7126 1/4
XLL45-4871-7527 1/4
XXLR49-5267-7126 3/4
XXLL49-5271-7527 3/4
3XLR53-5667-7127 1/4
3XLL53-5671-7528 1/4
4XLR57-6067-7127 3/4

XSR23-2729 1/2 – 32 1/2
SS27-3126 1/2 – 29 1/2
SR27-3129 1/2 – 32 1/2
SL27-3132 1/2 – 35 1/2
MS31-3526 1/2 – 29 1/2
MR31-3529 1/2 – 32 1/2
ML31-3532 1/2 – 35 1/2
LS35-3926 1/2 – 29 1/2
LR35-3929 1/2 – 32 1/2
LL35-3932 1/2 – 35 1/2
XLR39-4329 1/2 – 32 1/2
XLL39-4332 1/2 – 35 1/2
XXLR43-4729 1/2 – 32 1/2
XXLL43-4732 1/2 – 35 1/2
3XLR47-5129 1/2 – 32 1/2
3XLL47-5132 1/2 – 35 1/2
4XLR51-5529 1/2 – 32 1/2
How do I know its genuine military issue?

We specialize in genuine military surplus and carefully inspect everything when we buy it and again before we ship it to authenticate it. However, we also carry quality aftermarket gear.

Genuine issue surplus is clearly differentiated in the descriptions from the aftermarket gear. Look for the “Issue Type”. If it is genuine military surplus it says “USGI”, “US ARMY Issue”, “USAF Issue” or “USMC Issue”. If it is NOT genuine issue gear the issue type will be “aftermarket”.

What is the difference between new and used army surplus?

New means that it is new and has never been worn or used but it has most likely sat around in storage for months or years.

Used means that it’s still in good useable condition and has been discounted even deeper on account of the wear. Just because it’s used doesn’t meant that it won’t last year’s just like a new item. We carefully inspect every single one of the items that we sell to make sure the item you receive is exactly as described.

How fast will I get my order?

We ship everything within 24 hours of you placing your order Monday through Saturday. Sunday is the only day we don’t ship.

If you are in the continental US and select free shipping standard you can expect your order to arrive within 2-5 business days. The only exception is November and December when shipping times are little slower on account of the Christmas season.

If you ordered expedited shipping you can expect your order to arrive within 1-3 business days.

Where can I find the tracking information on my order?

After ordering your army surplus gear you will receive an order confirmation. When we ship your order, you will receive a shipping confirmation that has your tracking number.

Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking information to appear for your order. If you do not receive the shipping confirmation email, please check your junk folder as it sometimes ends up there.

Finally, you will receive a delivery confirmation when your order has been delivered.Please be sure to enter your email address correctly when ordering or you may not receive the tracking information.

My order was marked as delivered but I have not received it. What do I do?

If your order was marked as delivered but you did not receive it, please contact us and we will start an investigation. In most cases it was an error in the mail system and it will likely end up delivered in the next 2-3 days.

In some cases, it was delivered to one of your neighbors. Please check with them and make sure they didn’t receive your package.

What if you don’t have the item I want?

Army Surplus comes and goes. We stock everything we possible we can and try to keep it in stock but sometimes we sell out. If we don’t have the item you are looking for, please join our mailing list to receive updates on newly stocked and restocked items.

Also, please feel free to tell us what you are looking for by emailing us at

What if I don’t like my item and wish to return it?

We are so confident you’ll love your surplus gear that we accept returns for any reason, and all returns are FREE for orders over $80! The item needs to be in the same condition so please don’t remove the tags until you know you want to keep it. If you need to return your item for any reason please email us at and include the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your order number (so we can find and start your return as quick as possible for you)
  • The reason for return (this is to help us serve you better in the future)
Can I sell you stuff or buy in bulk?

If you are in Colorado Springs and have gear you want to sell, please call us at 719-999-5008 and set an appointment; we are available Monday-Friday 9am to 3pm.

If you are somewhere else but have a lot of gear that you want to sell please send us an email at and we’ll see if we can work something out to get you top dollar for your surplus gear.

We do sell select items in bulk. If you are interested in buying in bulk, please call us or send us an email.

Do you ship APO/FPO?

We ship to our military overseas at APO and FPO. If you have any issues ordering to an APO or FPO address please call or email us at 719-999-5008 or

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not sell internationally at this time. We can only ship to US addresses.

Do you have a store front?

We do not have a store front. We are exclusively online. If you are in Colorado Springs and would like to pick up your order, please call us at 719-999-5008. We do offer a discount if you pick up at our warehouse.

Why are your prices the way they are?

We try hard to price all of our gear competitively while also spending extra time to make sure that the surplus gear you order is exactly as described on our website. All of our team is trained to inspect and authenticate (which takes extra time) gear so there are never any surprises when you order.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is to call us during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-3pm) at 719-999-5008. You can also email us at We always respond within 24 hours but are usually faster.

Please understand we are a small business and usually don’t work on Sundays so weekend responses may take the full 24 hours.

Can you tell me how something works/installs/fits?

Yes, please call us at 719-999-5008 and we will connect you with one of our experts that can help.

What do you do with my email when I sign up for the mailing list?

Your email is used ONLY by Venture Surplus to send you emails with new products and products we restocked. We do not share your email or any of your information with anyone. If you don’t like our emails, please respond to one and tell us why. You can always unsubscribe if you don’t like it by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of every email. You will still get order update emails.

Do you offer military discounts or any other type of discount?

We work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible every day so you don’t have to use a coupon. However, we do offer free shipping on orders over $65. That saves you anywhere from $10-25 on shipping with every order. Additionally, we do have sales when we get a great deal on gear. If you would like to see the sales when they are released and before they sell out please subscribe to our mailing list or YouTube channel or follow us on Instagram.

How can I trust that non-USGI gear is actually quality gear?

Basically, if it’s on our site you can trust it. We will NEVER sell any gear that we wouldn’t use ourselves and we will NEVER sell any gear that we find be subpar. There are certainly differences in the quality of gear from different brands and you can learn more about which gear is right for you by reading our product descriptions and subscribing to our YouTube channel and learning about the gear from our experts.

What if I am tax-exempt?

If you are tax-exempt, please refer to this page.

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