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MRE Restock!

If you are not in Colorado, Spring is here! A little more snow has not stopped us from getting some favorites back in stock though. We got a handful of MREs in with an inspection date of 2022, so they’re ready to go for a good while. Those so super quick so make sure you grab them while you can, they are still hard to find in any sort of good quantity because, you know, the stuff. Also, OCP scrubs are back! All sizes have been restocked on these awesome shirts. Even if you do not work in the medical field, these are a pretty cool shirt for working around the shop at home. One last thing, if you have not checked out the collapsible 1 quart canteens yet, make sure you do! They are quickly becoming a favorite of ours around here.

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M3 Submachine Gun Mag Pouches

Its not Wednesday, but here is a quick history tidbit. The M3 submachine (AKA the grease gun) was adopted for service in 1942 during WWII. It was a compact gun that used .45 caliber ammo. While we do not have that sweet submachine gun for sales, we do have the ammo pouches for them. These vintage ammo pouches are ALICE compatible and made of a sturdy nylon material. They measure about 10” x 5” x 2” which is a useful size for other things besides m3 mags. Grab one of these vintage pouches today before they’re gone.
We figured since we are feature the M3 pouch we would show off some of the other old school gear we have in stock. Check out the Olive Drab ALICE mag pouches, First aid pouches and some sweet aftermarket woodland mag pouches

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Coyote Friday

It has been a great week here at Venture and some great new gear has hit the site. If you’re looking for a new IFAK pouch, make sure to check out the SO Tech Drop Leg Panel one. SO Tech has been around for years, even supplying guys during the surge in Iraq with some of the best gear at the time. If you are like me and have a MOLLE panel on the back of your truck seat, take a look at the double smoke grenade pouch. It has plenty of room for magazines, first aid supplies or just to be used as a general purpose pouch. Make sure to browse all the other restock we’ve got in through the week down at the bottom too!

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