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Venture Surplus stocks authentic G.I. Army Clothing, Field Gear, First Aid Kits, and Tactical Gear. From Night Vision Gear (NVG), to Cold Weather Clothing and Molle Pouches, Venture Surplus provides what you need.

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Soldiers, hunters, hikers, campers, marksmen, and outdoor enthusiasts trust Venture Surplus for their gear.


The Army issues rugged gear for rugged reasons. The US Soldier requires the highest quality gear for the most dangerous job on planet earth.

Hunters, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts have also learned to trust genuine issue military surplus.

We carry picatinny rail, army backpacks, army bags, night vision gear, flashlights, gas masks, holsters, and a whole slew of molle pouches.

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Here at Venture Surplus we take pride in the service we provide you. You can be sure you are getting the best value with our free shipping to the continental US, money-back guarantee, and easy returns process.

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Tactical Tailor Pouches are Now Available at Venture Surplus

Get your hands on these high quality army surplus molle pouches made by Tactical Tailor. Uncompromising quality for the modern tactical life. Tactical Tailor is widely known for quality, light weight material. ruggedness and dependability. Tactical Tailor Pouches Are:...

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