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Birth of the Navy & OP Bumblebee

10 October 2001 – The first US death during Operation Enduring Freedom. US Air Force Master Sergeant Evander Andrews would die in a forklift accident while constructing an airfield in Qatar. In total over 2,200 US Service Members died during the duration of Operation Enduring Freedom.  11 October 1951 – During the Korean War the USMC would officially put helicopters…

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The Invasion Begins & The Last Battle

6 October 1781 –The last battle. After some initial skirmishes and movements the Continental Army under General George Washington began the siege of British forces, under Cornwallis, at Yorktown. A combined American and French force would begin digging trenches ever closer to the British defenses in order to bombard them with artillery. After several days of bombardment …

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Proclamation 95 & Paoli Massacre

20 September 1777 – The Paoli Massacre. Following American retreats after the Battle of Brandywine and Battle of the Clouds, George Washington left a force under the command of Brigadier General Anthony Wayne behind to harass British troops moving towards Philadelphia. At this time Philadelphia was the capital of the newly born USA. General Anthony Wayne camped his force fairly close to British troops…

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