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Featured Military Gear

  • Outdoor Research SG 1 Liter Water Bottle Parka
  • USMC Polartec 100 Fleece Pullover, Coyote Brown
  • USGI M4 Carbine Handguard Set
  • Crye Precision AirFlex Knee Pads
    Crye Precision Gen 3 AirFlex Knee Pads
  • Army Multicam Tactical Assault Panel - Overall View
    US Army Tactical Assault Panel

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Best- Sellers

  • Eagle Industries M4 Mag Pouches - AOR1, Khaki, Multicam
    Eagle Industries M4 Mag Pouch
  • Pre-owned Army M249 200 Round SAW Ammo Box
    USGI M249 SAW Ammo Box, 200 Round
  • Eagle Industries Double M4 Mag Pouches, 2×2
  • Eagle Industries 200 Round SAW Pouches - Khaki and Coyote Brown
    Eagle Industries 200 Round SAW Pouch
    Product on sale
  • AN/PVS-14 PVS 7 14 Shuttered Eyeguard, Eye Cup
    USGI AN/PVS-14 & PVS-7 Shuttered Eye Guard
  • Cloth Face Mask
    Product on sale
  • Israeli 6″ Emergency Trauma Wound Dressing Compression Bandage
  • Curaplex Mini EMS Trauma Shears
  • Night Optics NVG J Arm, Swing Arm for Rhino Mount
    USGI J Arm, Rhino Swing Arm
  • Eagle Industries V1 Canteen Pouch - Variety View
    Eagle Industries Canteen Pouch, V1
  • USGI 1 Quart Canteen
  • H&H Compressed Gauze

First-Aid Supplies

  • S.O. Tech Davis Emergency Airway Roll
  • Vintage USGI First Aid Field Dressing, 11 3/4 Square Pad
  • H&H H Bandage, Comprehensive Combat Dressing
  • Velket Velcro Tourniquet, Adult Size
  • TacMed Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet
  • EMS Quikclot Hemostatic Rolled Gauze
  • Military IFAK Pouch With Insert
  • Stop the Bleed Advanced Trauma Kit
  • Curaplex Stop the Bleed Intermediate Kit
  • Basic-Stop-The-Bleed-Kit
    Stop the Bleed Basic Trauma Kit
  • 5 Nasopharyngeal Airways with Box
    RUSCH Nasopharyngeal Airway NPA, 5 Pack
  • US Army IFAK Insert for Individual First Aid Kit

Molle Pouches

  • Tactical Tailor Gas Mask Carrier
  • Tactical Tailor PRC-153 Adjustable Radio Pouch
  • GCS Defensor Fortis 100oz Hydration Carrier
  • Eagle Industries Defensor Fortis 100oz Hydration Carrier, ACU
  • USGI Small Utility Pouch
  • USGI 6 Inch Expandable Baton Pouch
  • USGI Double Pistol Magazine Pouch
  • USGI Adjustable Small Utility Pouch
  • USGI M1972 Small Arms Ammunition Case
  • USGI M1956 Intrenching Tool Carrier
  • M1956 Universal Small Arms Ammunition Pouch, 2nd Pattern
  • USGI Pistol Mag Pouch, Button Snap Flap

Cold Weather Clothing

  • USGI M65 Field Jacket, Woodland Camo
  • USGI M65 Field Jacket, 3 Color Desert Camo
  • Adventure Tech Gore-Tex Cold/Wet Weather Trousers, DCU
  • Drifire FR Gen 4 Thermal Bottoms, Sand Tan
  • McGuire Gear Polartec Micro Fleece Cap
  • USGI Extreme Cold Weather Parka, N-3B
  • Milliken Level 1 Base Layer Thermal Bottoms, Sand Tan
  • US Army OG 108 Winter Wool Shirt & Trousers Set
  • US Army OG 108 Winter Wool Trousers
  • Drifire FR Thermal Bottoms, Sand Tan
  • Drifire FR Long Sleeve Fleece Top, Sand Tan
  • Drifire FR Long John Pants, Sand Tan

Army Night Vision Gear (NVG)

  • Vintage Style Aviators, Sun Glasses
  • Vintage Style Aviators, Flying Sun Glasses, Turbo Model
  • Vintage Style Aviators, Flying Sun Glasses, Sport Model
  • Vintage Style Aviators, Flying Sun Glasses
  • Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight
  • USGI AN/AVS-9 Pivot And Adjustment Shelf
  • OPS-CORE, 3 Hole Shroud Hardware Kit
  • IR United Kingdom Flag Patch, Foliage Green
  • IR Canadian Flag Patch, Green & Black
  • USGI AN/AVS-6 Image Intensifier Tube Housing
  • Military IR Flag Velcro® Patch, Reverse - Overall View
    Military IR Flag Velcro® Patch, Reverse
  • Military IR Flag Patch, Forward

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Adventure Tech Gore-Tex Pants

We found a whole stash of USGI Omega D Rings the other day and they are great for everyday use. From securing gear together to carrying a ton of grocery bags at once, these are an awesome piece of gear for just $3.99. If you’ve been looking for a new set of wet weather pants for the snow that be here soon make sure to check out the Adventure Tech Gore-Tex pants in DCU. They are wind and water proof, making them a great outer layer for the fall and winter while out on an adventure. If you’ve just been looking for a new way to keep your gear and kit organized take a look at the Tactical Tailor Gas Mask Pouch and S.O. TECH Airway Roll. Both offer good ways to keep small items safe and secure.

Don’t forget, Orders over $55 get FREE shipping and all orders over $100 get $10 OFF!

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Utility pouches starting at $2.99!

Keeping your kit streamlined while carrying all the gear and tools you need can be a hassle. We’ve got the pouches you need to keep all that kit ready to go and organized. The Air Warrior Utility Pouch is a great small zippered pouch for keeping your GPS and other items ready to go. It’s small footprint means it doesn’t take up a lot of room, all while keeping your things secure (and its starts at just $2.99!). The Eagle Industries SAW Pouch is great for a ton of uses too. From keeping ammo ready to go to working as a small IFAK this pouch is great for everyday use. If you’ve got a MOLLE seat organizer behind your car seat the Double Smoke Grenade Pouch and USMC Hydration Pouch are both ready to go ways to keep larger items easy to access for wherever you find yourself during your next venture.

Don’t forget, Orders over $55 get FREE shipping and all orders over $100 get $10 OFF!

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Military Issue Magazine Pouches

Looking for a few new pouches to hold you rifle or pistol mags? Take a look at some of our favorites we’ve found then. The EI V2 Double Mag Pouch is a great lightweight pouch that holds two USGI 5.56mm mags secure with a hook and loop flap. The M16A2 mag pouches are another secure mag pouch for your magazines. With a button snap and small hook and loop field, your rounds won’t be falling out when under stress. They are also good for jungle rigs, which seem to be all the rage these days. If you need to just transport your mags back and forth to the range, check out the bandoleers. Last but not least make sure to take a good look at the EI Kydex 9mm Pistol Mag pouches. They’ll hold most mags similar to a M9 mag secure and ready to go.

Don’t forget, Orders over $55 get FREE shipping and all orders over $100 get $10 OFF!

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