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M7 Bayonets & M12 Holsters 🔥Restock!

Check out this week’s line up of new stock! USGI RESTOCK LINEUP North American Rescue Gen 7 CAT TourniquetsCold Weather Mitten Shells Wool Trigger Finger GlovesM249 200 Round Ammo Drums, With Carrying Slings!BDU Load Bearing VestsM12 Universal Pistol HolstersM7 Bayonets6 Magazine BandoleersHarris Falcon II Ranger Radio BagsDuffel BagsFoliage Green Jacket LinersDCU Camo Fighting Load CarriersNorth American…

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Collision & Margaret Corbin

15 November 1969 – During operations in the Barents Sea, the USS Gato, a nuclear powered submarine, would collide with the Soviet submarine K-19 at a depth of around 200 feet. The collision would completely destroy the sonar in K-19s forward areas and mangle its front torpedo tube doors. The K-19 would quickly have to return to port…

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Birth of the Marine Corps & Veteran’s Day

10 November 1775 – During the Second Continental Congress a resolution would be passed that “two battalions of Marines be raised”. The Continental Marines would serve as a landing force for the recently created Continental Navy. The Continental Marines would be commanded by Captain Samuel Nicholas, who is recognized as the first Commandant of the Marine Corps. The Continental Marines would go on to serve…

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