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Air Attacks & New Slogans

11 JAN 2001 – In an unexpected move the US Army unveils its newest slogan. After criticism of only advertising during male only televised sports, the Army broadcast its newest commercial during the airing of a new Friends episode. The move was to engage a wider audience, and to help shake to image of an all male fighting force. The new slogan ” An Army of One” would replace “Be All You Can Be” and would only last till 2006. It would be replaced with “Army Strong”, which would be the slogan for over a decade.

12 JAN 1962 – Operation Chopper. In the first helicopter assault of the Vietnam War, and the first time US Troops would be involved in a combat mission in the war, over 1,000 South Vietnamese paratroopers were dropped into combat by 33 CH-21C Shawnee transport helicopters. The paratroopers were inserted near a Viet Cong stronghold 10 miles west of Saigon and would soundly defeat the enemy with complete surprise. The helicopters were part of a growing concept formed during the Korean War and would become a new sort of calvary in the US Military. While much was learned by the US during the operation, the enemy would quickly learn much as well and use those lessons learned to great effect later in the war. 

16 JAN 1991 – After months of military preparations, diplomatic talks and increasing tensions, Iraq would ignore the UN deadline for their withdraw from occupied Kuwait. At midnight the deadline expired and the allied coalition would move forward with combat operations. Prior to in the invasion of Kuwait to drive out the Iraqi military would be subjected to an intense air campaign. For 42 days and nights the allied coalition would fly 100,000 sorties and drop 88,500 tons of munitions. The initial attacks were carried out by the launching of Tomahawk missiles, stealth bombers and anti radar attacking fighters. Iraq would lose between 10,000-12,000 military personnel and nearly 150 aircraft in the attacks. Following the air campaigns destruction of so much of the Iraqi infrastructure the coalition launched its ground combat operations on 24 February. 

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