ACU SAW Gunner Pouch Set, 100 & 200 Round MOLLE Pouches

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  • ACU M249 Saw Gunner Pouch Kit
  • USGI, Military Surplus
  • 2 x 100 Round Pouch NSN: 8465-01-524-7365
  • 2 x 200 Round Pouch NSN: 8465-01-524-7620
  • 200 Round Pouch Easily Fits a 200 Round Ammo Drum
  • Great General Purpose Pouches!

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Country of Manufacture: USA

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This is the USGI standard issue M249 SAW gunner pouch set.

This set of pouches allows a M249 gunner to carry the ammo they need right on their kit. You can attach these pouches to your MOLLE surfaces, and secure them closed with a buckle. Also, the 200 round pouch can fit a M249 ammo drum and secure closed.

You can use these pouches as great general pouches as well. Though designed to hold ammo, the pouches can secure quite a few common outdoor items.

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Weight 22 oz

1 review for ACU SAW Gunner Pouch Set, 100 & 200 Round MOLLE Pouches

  1. Seer O Prince

    These make a great addition to any kit. The 200 round SAW pouch will hold 6 30 round mags, even for the AK-47/AKM carried broad-sides forward ( the way they should be carried ). While I’ve seen people carry them in rows of 6, “thin sides” forward, they will easily carry 30s in a 2 side-by-side in rows of 3 front-to-back configuration, as well as being great for carrying a surprising amount of various gear ( even your Gortex with room to spare ). You don’t want to draw reloads from them during a fire-fight, but they make a great way to carry extra mags to reload your mag pouches before you have to start to reload mags. Also great for paracord, a pack of road flares ( very useful ), an extra flashlight and headlamp, a Ziploc of extra batteries, extra ammo ( I like to use a food vacuum sealer and the rolls of Mylar and label the bags ), some protein bars, and more. I generally carry 1 on my chest rig/tac vest for extra mags, and another MOLLEd onto my ruck to carry various extra gear. They are 9 and 1/2 tall,7 and 1/2 wide, and 4 front-to-back.

    The 100 round SAW pouch is 6 high, 5 wide, and 3 front-to-back. Since the standard 20 round mags of most .308 military rifles like the M-14, M1-A, AR-10, H&K G-3, FN-FAL, SOCOM 16, and so-on have mags that are generally 6 tall, 3 wide, and 1 thick, I find these make nice, affordable, .308 mag pouches that easily carry 3, .308 mags broadsides forward ( with the ability to squeeze in another mag front-to-back if you need to. I currently have a RACK vest set up for .308 using these as mag pouches as they are lots more affordable than purpose-built .308 mag pouches ). They’re also great for carrying smaller tools, gear, and meds/med supplies. At this price, they are a great deal and should be among the pouches in a well-rounded kit, as they have so many practical uses. I highly recommend the set

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