Eagle Industries Kydex M9 Mag Pouch

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  • Fits 9mm Magazines
  • Kydex Insert
  • Additional Hook and Loop Flap
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • 1 MOLLE Strap

Issue Type: USGI

Manufactured by:

  • Eagle Industries

Country of Manufacture: USA

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These M9 magazine pouches are a great addition to any kit. Able to fit most double stack pistol magazines they can be mounted to any MOLLE compatible webbing. The pouch has a kydex insert for solid retention and a flap secured by hook and loop for extra security.

You will receive ONE (1) pouch!


  • Fits 9mm Magazines – Fits most double stacked 9mm magazines similar to an M9 mag.
  • Kydex Insert – Has a kydex or similar plastic insert for extra retention of magazines held in pouch. Allows for mags to be kept in pouch without needing retention flap during normal use.
  • Additional Hook and Loop Flap – Includes a hook and loop flap for closing the pouch in addition to the primary way of closing the pouch.
  • MOLLE Compatible – This item is compatible with MOLLE webbing.
  • 1 MOLLE Strap – This pouch has 1 MOLLE strap to attach it to MOLLE webbing.

Manufactured by:

  • Eagle Industries – These are manufactured by Eagle Industries & Allied Eagle Industries. Allied Eagle Industries includes outsourced manufacturers such as Resource Center. Allied Eagle Industries items are made to the exact specs and quality, with no difference in overall materials, design and construction.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.

Issue Type: USGI – These are genuine US government issued items made to military specification (mil-spec).

Additional information

Weight4.5000 oz

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13 reviews for Eagle Industries Kydex M9 Mag Pouch

  1. Zach (verified owner)

    extremely satisfied with these magazine pouches. Despite being used they came in in excellent shape. They hold my M&P magazines a little too firmly currently, but I have no doubt that these will break in well with use. all in all I would highly recommend these pouches, especially if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to something like an esstac KYWI pouch.

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    Great magazine pouches with a simple velcro retention strap on the front and back allowing for the magazine to be completely enclosed and secured or having it held open for a quicker mag change. I would recommend.

  3. bigted209@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Bought 3 sets of these, used quality. The 6 that showed up were all in fantastic condition, really don’t look as though they were ever used.

    Yes, they fit double stack mags very snugly, too snug to be fair. Fought to retrieve a Glock 17 mag for what felt like 5 minutes. Here is a tip:
    There is a hard insert inside of the mag pouch that can be removed and trimmed to fit, or taken out entirely. There is a Velcro like strip holding it in place. I used a thin Phillips head screwdriver to push up through the drainage hole. I was then able to remove the insert, cut with regular scissors, then put back in for a good fit.

  4. Kenneth Stone (verified owner)

    I am super picky about my equipment, I have finally found a product that’s tough, well made and gets the job done, Venture surplus is dedicated to customer service and they will definitely get my business in the future

  5. Shane (verified owner)

    I bought these used, they look great. They’ll even fit .45 doublestack mags but good luck getting them out in under 5 seconds.

  6. Gary Corbin (verified owner)

    Ordered a set of khaki.
    Basically new condition. One had a small fray on the Velcro, was easily cut off and heated to seal with a lighter. Perfect!
    These fit 17 rd SAR 9 mags nicely.

  7. npesolutions1775@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I ordered a couple of these a while back and had the fortune to get a pair that had been modified by their previous owner/user. This was good, as it gave me inspiration to modify the next two that I ordered. Why do they need modification? The Kydex insert is too tight for anything but 1911 mags (side note: if you’re looking for a cheap MOLLE 1911 mag pouch then this is a good option), at least that I’ve tried. A couple of them worked with metal double-stack mags (SIG P320 and Browning Hi-Power) but another unmodified one didn’t work so well. My main pistol is a 9mm Glock and these mags, which are notorious for being just a little thicker than most metal mags, just wouldn’t fit well, if at all.

    The good news is that you can slit the black fabric on the inside of the pouch at the front and back and remove the Kydex insert entirely. From here, you can run the pouch with no insert (you’ll want to use the top flap for retention if you go this route), make your own Kydex insert, or heat up the included Kydex insert with a heat gun and bend it around the thickest magazine you plan to use (I used a 10mm Glock mag) and let the insert cool around that. At $4 apiece for the ‘defective’ grade pouches, you can get your DIY on without feeling too nervous about cutting up an expensive purchase. Or maybe you’ll luck out like I did at first and wind up with a pouch that someone else already modified!

  8. Natty Ligma (verified owner)

    Not double-stack at all! Way too tight, and now my APX mag is stuck. Tried oil, prying with a screwdriver, trying to stretch the kydex, and everything I can think of short of destroying the pouch entirely. How these are supposed to fit M9 mags is beyond me.

  9. Andrew Gawler (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. Extremely quick shipping, and product was true to its description. These mag pouches are very lightweight and extremely durable.

    For anyone wondering, you aren’t limited to just M9/92FS magazines with these. They fit and retain my Sig 17rd mags perfectly.

  10. Lance (verified owner)

    Excellent speed reload pouches for the price. Fits Glock mags extremely tight when new. Simply insert empty mag and bake in your oven at 250 for 10-15 minutes and let it cool. The Kydex insert will form to accommodate the magazine. I then added a ranger band around the mid section of the mag for a little extra retention. Not quite as tight as an Esstac Kywi that way but not too loose either.

  11. JackStan01 (verified owner)

    Bought a couple used, you can hardly tell it was ever issued. Fit a little tight on my FN 509 mags, I simply took the base plate off, squeezed the mag in the pouch and threw it in the oven for around a minute or so. The kydex formed perfectly around the mag and now I have 2 perfect mag pouches for my duty belt. Defiantly a steal for the price, cannot recommend enough if you’re on the fence.

  12. Andrew Martin (verified owner)

    These will 100% fit a Glock magazine if you insert the magazine into the mag pouch, put them in the oven for 20 min at 200 degrees. This will mold the kydex to the Glock mag beautifully. Mag pouches themselves were in immaculate condition. May pick up a couple more just to put on the shelf.

  13. Andrew (verified owner)

    Perfect for Beretta 92 magazines. Secure, yet easy to remove.
    Much too tight for Glock magazines, but easily modified to loosen their default death grip.

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