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This Week in History | 5/31/2020 – 6/06/2020

31 May 1944 – The USS England, a Buckley-class destroyer escort, sinks a record 6th Japanese submarine. The USS England accomplishes this amazing antisubmarine feat in just 12 days. 

1 June 1953 – In MiG Alley over Korea the USAF would have their best month of the war. For several reasons, weather and inexperienced enemy pilots among them, the swept wing F-86 Sabre jet fighter would dominate the skies. Sabre pilots would destroy at least 77 MiG-15 fighters with 16 commie MiGs being shot down on 30 June alone.

2 June 1774 – The Quartering Act 1774 was passed by the British Parliament. Known as part of the Coercive Acts in Britain, the act was part of the punishments brought to the American Colonists as a result of the Tea Party protests. Known in the Colonies as part of the Intolerable Acts, this act along with other accompanying punishments, only increased tensions between the Colonists and Britain. 

4 June 1934 – The USS Ranger is commissioned. The USS Ranger was the first US aircraft carrier designed from the keel up to be a carrier. The USS Ranger was the only ship of its class built and was quickly outclassed by carriers built after it. The carrier was deemed to slow for service in the Pacific Theater of WW2 and would be used in the Atlantic against the German Kriegsmarine. 

6 June 1944- The Allied invasion of France begins during Operation Overlord. I will cover this in more detail next year! 

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2 thoughts on “This Week in History | 5/31/2020 – 6/06/2020

  1. Any Information about the: LYETE GULF, Pacific war, WWll & ships involved: Oct. 1943-1944?

    1. I’ll see if we can get something into one of our future emails about it 🙂 Please feel free to comment or email anytime there is something specific you want to know more about.

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