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Geronimo & Ace of Aces

US Military History Throughout The Years

  • Ace of Aces: 4/28/1918 – Air Service pilot Eddie Rickenbacker scores his first aerial victory in WW1. It was only two weeks prior to his first victory that he had even flown his first combat mission, which ended in a forced landing due to fog and getting lost. His first victory would be in the skies over Baussant against a German Pfalz D.III plane. Within another months time he would become a flying ace, scoring his fifth victory on 28 May. After becoming an ace he would be awarded the French Croix de Guerre, a first of many awards for his accomplishments. By the end of the war he would have 26 confirmed victories, a record unbroken till WW2 with Richard Bongs record of 40 victories over Japanese aircraft. In total CPT. Rickenbacker would be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross eight times for his actions, with one of those being upgraded to the Medal of Honor.
  • Geronimo Geronimo Geronimo: 5/2/2011  – In a CIA led mission with components of top US Special Operation Forces members the leader and founder of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, is killed. The mission was a culmination of a near 10 year search following the attacks of 9/11 and bin Laden continued evasion of US and allied intelligence and military forces. After locating bin Laden in Pakistan, in a compound near the Pakistan Military Academy. Months of surveillance would follow to ensure that bin Laden occupied the compound in question. After detailed planning and rehearsing members of Red Squadron from US Navy SEAL DEVGRU would fly to Afghanistan and conduct the operation out of Jalalabad Air Field. Pilots of the US Army 160th SOAR unit would fly the operators in sheath helicopters across the Pakistani border to the target compound. Due to the nature of the operation and the US not at war with Pakistan, all military members were temporarily transferred under the control of the CIA. Upon reaching the compound one helicopters crashed due to hazardous airflow while hovering, but the assault continued without interruption. The SEALS would clear the building and find bin Laden on the third floor of the building, where he was shot and killed. After searching the compound for any possible intelligence and destroying the crashed helicopter, they would depart on the remaining helicopter and a backup CH-47 that was held in reserve. Bin Ladens body would be taken to the USS Carl Vinson where his identity was confirmed and then his body was dropped into the sea following Islamic burial rituals. His death marked a massive achievement of US and allied intelligence and the end of a decade long manhunt to hold the person most accountable for the death of thousands of Americans.
  • Escalation: 5/3/1965 – Lead elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade depart for Vietnam. They would be the largest to date deployment of combat troops to the conflict, preceded by smaller forces of Marines and US Special Forces members. The Sky Soldiers would finally be withdrawn from combat in August 1971 after 1,606 were killed and 8,435 were wounded. 12 paratroopers would earn the Medal of Honor for actions during the war.

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