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Ultimate 4 Season Lightweight Sleeping Bag System


Stay comfortable camping during all 4 season.


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Camping trips marred with sleeping issues are a thing of the past with the Ultimate 4 Season Lightweight Sleeping Bag System. No longer will you wake up with the chills, or drenched in your own sweat. This amazing sleeping bag system will handle temperatures ranging from 50 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, and keep your mountaineering spirit high and dry.

Your best defense against the all too common morning misery is a good night’s sleep. You can be the rock of your party’s spirits, waking up early to stoke the fire while the others fight off chills or soak in their own sweat. This 2 bag system includes a summertime bag, wintertime bag, bivy and stuff sack so you can double down on your hiking adventures year-round.

These sleeping bags come in new and used conditions. Used means that the set has some light wear from use, but there are no rips, holes, or stains guaranteed!

  • Stay comfortable on hot summer nights with the mummy style patrol bag. This light bag is great for weather up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Stay warm as a bear during the winter chill with the cold weather bag, rated to negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This bag fits inside the patrol sack, and acts as a liner to keep you snug all night.
  • Wrap the included bivy around your choice of sleeping bag to keep yourself dry as tinder. The gore-tex liner is tougher than a scorpion, and can handle anything from the alps to the wild western frontier.
  • Stuff your bags and bivy into the ultra compact stuff sack for the ultimate backpacking sleep system. Straps keep your gear snug and tight, without having to roll your sleeping bag perfectly each time.

Bottom line, this is the best and most affordable sleeping bag system on sale. Perfect for active adults that do not want to compromise on comfort, or deal with the price tag that comes with purchasing multiple sleeping bags for different camping situations.

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