USMC Reversible Shelter Tarp, Woodland MARPAT

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  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Grommeted Corners And Edges
  • Button Snap Adapters

Issue Type: USMC Issue

Manufactured by:

  • Various Government Contractors

Country of Manufacture: USA

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These tarps are what have replaced the age old USGI Poncho in the US Military. While we may miss the poncho in all of its glory these tarps are definitely a good upgrade. They are fairly large, so no more feet sticking out when you use it to make a hasty hooch or shelter like with the poncho. Along the sides are button snaps for attaching multiple together and grommets for tie down points. They are a little thicker too, so more durable then the poncho, while staying lightweight. Best part about these is they are reversible. One side if camo and the other side is a solid color. So you can pick which side best suits your area or overall preference in appearance. Overall these are a great choice for a tarp for camping, hiking or just to cover the lawnmower outside.

Around 80″ x 80″

Used Condition: Will have Professionally Repaired holes with Tarp Repair Tape. No more then 5 Repaired Holes.
Defect Condition: Will have Holes, with some Repairs. No more then 5 Holes needing Repairs.


  • Waterproof – Waterproof means that it will not absorb water or be damaged when submerged in water.
  • Windproof – It will help break the wind an hold warmth even in windy weather.
  • Grommeted Corners And Edges – This item has grommets along the edges and corners for attaching ties downs and setting up for use.
  • Button Snap Adapters – Button snaps for interfacing with compatible USGI bags and gear.

Manufactured by:

  • Various Government Contractors – This item is manufactured for the US government by various contractors.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the USA.

Issue Type: USMC Issue – This item is genuine US Marine Corps issue.

Additional information

Weight36 oz

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6 reviews for USMC Reversible Shelter Tarp, Woodland MARPAT

  1. R.D. Perry

    Ordered two of these in used condition last week and received them today. I immediately opened them for inspection. These appear to be genuine U.S.M.C. issue and were in excellent condition. Color was not faded. One had no holes and the other had two small holes that appeared to be only on the coyote side and not all the way through to the camouflage side. Holes were repaired in what appeared to be a neat and professional manner. The tarps are lightweight, easily foldable, and appear to be sturdy. Definitely worth the money. I intend to add bungee cord ties to the corners and will store one of them with paracord and tent pegs so that I can use it as an emergency shelter. When folded it will easily store behind the seat of my pickup. I am so impressed with both this product and with the service I received from Venture Surplus that I am ordering two more of the tarps today.

  2. Jon (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 of these units in defective condition and was presently surprised that seem to be in excellent condition. I purchased them in conjunction with the USMC radio pouch that venture surplus also sells and they fit well together along with a woobie. I will be placing one in each of our vehicles on a “just in case” basis. These are a much more lightweight tarp than what you might find at walmart, and pack much better due to that.

    Also, marpat is awesome, so you can’t go wrong there.

  3. Deacon (verified owner)

    Purchased one woodland marpat tarp in “defective” condition and expected a much more used-looking tarp than what I got. The print is flawless and entirely unfaded. The grommets and snaps are pristine and solid. Came with one elastic cord on a corner grommet, pretty nice little bonus (venture always pleasantly surprises me with small bonuses like that). The only thing that required my attention was the clear plastic seam tape that was seemingly hastily applied (it was bunched up in a couple spots and broken in another) but a yard of strong tape reinforced it nicely. I’m not even sure it was completely necessary to apply it, it seems like the seam tape is there as a safeguard against leaks and the seam’s outer stitching is undamaged. All in all an excellent value. Folds down very nicely, I stuffed it into an usgi waist pack that I also purchased from venture and there’s plenty of room for a small pillow and woobie besides.

  4. Big Poppa (verified owner)

    I had avoided these USMC tarps initially as the things I had read around the web seemed to indicate the USMC tarps all came with holes in them. Well, I ordered 3 defective tarps and let me tell you, they came like new with maybe 2 or 3 teeny pin holes, and most of them didn’t go through both sides. Venture came through for me again. It’s getting hard to buy surplus anywhere else.

  5. Brandon (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely shocked at how good of condition these tarps are in! It said “used” but other than a minuscule amount of sand in the creases, I can’t really find any signs of use. I also really like the material. It’s has more of a soft, flexible feel to it, which I much prefer over the noisy crinkly tarps that I’m used to. Definitely going to see what else Venture Surplus has that I might want/need.

  6. Virginian (verified owner)

    “Used” condition purchased. More than 5 and less than 10 small holes that are not repaired. The material sticks to itself.. which i hear is common with these.

    I’m not unhappy with my purchase, but maybe should have bought a new one somewhere.

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Customer Product Questions and Answers

    Is this infra red reflective?
  1. 0 votes
    Q Is this infra red reflective? answer now
    Asked by Matthew SPencer on June 5, 2022 6:38 am

    No, these are not IR reflective

  2. What is defective about these tarps?
  3. 0 votes
    Q What is defective about these tarps? answer now
    Asked by Jon Smith on January 15, 2022 5:49 am
    A Never mind, I found the explanation when ordering one
  4. Did I miss the size spec's on this item????
  5. 0 votes
    Q Did I miss the size spec's on this item???? answer now
    Asked by Gene Marosy on June 5, 2021 7:15 pm

    Thanks for pointing that at. The specs are super hard to find on that page. These measure about 80" x 80"

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