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5 Places You SHOULD Be Keeping Chemlights But Probably Aren’t

5 Places You SHOULD Be Keeping Chemlights

Here are some spots you might not have thought to stash some of those emergency lights.

These tips are life-savers, you can thank us later.

Glove Box

Ok, ok. We know. This one is obvious. But I am willing to wager that if you go out to your vehicle right now, and pop open that glove box: there will be no chemlights. Toss a couple in there, they take up no space. When your cellphone is dead, and you have to fix your flat: Just remember Venture.

Kitchen Drawer

We all keep flashlights and lanterns at home for when the lights go out. Simple, straightforward, and practical.

And most of us don’t want bulky flashlights cluttering up our homes: So we keep them tucked away, where we DEFINITELY cannot see them in the dark.

Chemlights are small and portable, and they fit REAL NICE in your kitchen drawer. Crack one open to guide yourself to your emergency kit, or when you simply don’t have time to fumble for your lights.

On Your Front Porch

Hide a couple of these suckers on your porch for those rare occasions when you need to enter your home, but the electricity is out. Navigating your home in the dark is no problem with a steady green glow guiding you.

With Your Flashlight

Keep one with your flashlight just in case the batteries go out. Chemlights are so portable they can fit just about anywhere, and are a life-saving backup when kept alongside your flashlights.

A world without backups would be a world doomed to eternal failure, do your part to keep order.

With Your Storable Foods

I can see it now: The end of the world shows up. You stocked, you saved, you prepared. And now, after many weeks surviving the apocalypse, it is time for a midnight snack.

You reach your food stash in the dark and rummage through the endless packs of powdered soup, unable to tell the difference from one or the other. Grabbing what you think to be tomato soup, you blindly scoop up the chocolate drink mix instead.

The mix, of course, melts to the bottom of your only pan, leaving you to go pilfer one from the myriad of abandoned houses on your block. Little did you know what was waiting for you…

One simple chemlight, and you would have had a warm belly full of soup as well as no need to leave your fortress.

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