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First Support & Claims of Independence

US Military History Throughout The Years

Short bits of history you know and some you may not!

  • Supporting Fire: Sunday, May 16, 1965 – While operating in support of Operation Market Time the USS Tucker would open fire on North Vietnamese positions along the coast, southeast of Saigon. While this would become a regular action for the US Navy, on this day it was the first time a US ship would open fire against enemy positions during the war and provide naval gunfire surface support. The USS Tucker was a Destroyer ship completed at the end of World War 2. Before providing support during the Vietnam War she would take part in similar operations during the Korean War.
  • Independence & Succession: Saturday, May 20, 1775 – In the early days the Revolutionary War North Carolina would become the first colony to claim to issue a Declaration of Independence, some time before the Continental Congress would issue theirs on behalf of the united colonies. This claim is VERY disputed, with most historians agreeing it is a false claim, as it did not become widely known till 1819, no copies of the declaration survived even in 1819 and much of the language used matched the Declaration of Independence created by the Continental Congress. Though very few official sources confirm the claims authenticity, most people that were supposedly present verified it with little variation. Even if this event is false, on May 20th 1861 North Carolina would succeed from the Union during the Civil War. Whether this date of succession was intentional or not it is an interesting fact to note that 86 years after they claimed to separate from the British as a colony the state would separate from the Union.
  • The Battle of Alamance: Thursday, May 16, 1771 – In the final battle of the Regulator Movement, Militia from North Carolina would battle Regulators. The movement began over growing issues with taxation and local control in which the locals, the Regulators, would take up arms against colonial officials whom they viewed as corrupt. The Regulators would lose the battle, bringing an end to the movement. For a long time historians and locals viewed this battle between citizens and colonial officials the opening shots of the Revolutionary War. A claim that has been discredited since the overall goal of the movement was not to rebel against Britain and the King, but just as a protest to taxation and the local government.

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