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Jet Ace & The Regulators US Military History

US Military History Throughout The Years.

  • The Battle of Alamance: Thursday, May 16, 1771 – In the final battle of the Regulator Movement, Militia from North Carolina would battle Regulators. The movement was begun over growing issues with taxation and local control in which the locals, the Regulators, would take up arms against colonial officials whom they viewed as corrupt. The Regulators would lose the battle, bringing an end to the movement. For a long time historians and locals viewed this battle between citizens and colonial officials the opening shots of the Revolutionary War. A claim that has been discredited since the overall goal of the movement was not to rebel against Britain and the King, but just as a protest to taxation and the local government.
  • Where’s The Rum?: Sunday, May 17, 1733 – Under the Molasses Act, England places high tariffs on rum and molasses imported into the American colonies. This act only increased tensions between the colonies and British rule. Partly because, where’s the rum? Molasses is a key ingredient to rum, a popular and widespread spirit in the American colonies.
  • Getting Ready: Friday, May 18, 1917 – The US passes the Selective Service Act after tensions with Germany rose and the USA entered WW1 with a small Army. The original Act required all men aged 18-35 to register for potential service in the Military. Due to efforts to increase patriotism in America during this time only 350,000 men dodged the draft. This draft differed from the one during the Civil War because men were not allowed to substitute their service, meaning they could not hire a substitute or have someone else serve in their place.
  • Jet Ace: Sunday, May 20, 1951 – USAF Captain James Jabara becomes the first jet ace during the Korean War. Jabara had served during WW2 as a pilot in the European Theater, scoring 1.5 kills. During the Korean War he would pilot a F-86 Sabre fighter jet and would score a total of 15 victories, earning the title of Triple Ace. After the war he would serve in Vietnam still as pilot, becoming the youngest Colonel ever at the time. He would die in a car accident along with his daughter while home on leave.
  • The Journey Begins: Monday, May 21, 1804 – After a year of prep work the Corps of Discovery under Captains Lewis and Clark begin their journey to explore the newly acquired American West. President Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis already had a close relationship prior to the expedition’s beginnings, with Lewis handpicked by the President to lead it. Lewis had worked with William Clark earlier in the Army, the two quickly becoming close friends. The expeditions goal was to explore the new land and map it, while attempting to find a practical route across the land. The secondary goal of the expedition was to study the geography, plant and animal life while establishing trade with local Native Americans. Over the 2 years the Corps of Discovery explored they would travel nearly 8,000 miles and make many important discoveries along the way.

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