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Sabre Supremacy?US Military History

US Military History Throughout The Years

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  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 31, 2021 – Last Monday of May, Memorial Day. This day of observance is in remembrance of all US Military personnel who have died while preforming military duties, protecting and preserving freedom for all. This day of reflection dates back to the first skirmishes from the Civil War. One of the first occurred soon after the first Soldier was killed in action, John Quincy Marr, a Confederate Soldier who died in 1861 after the Battle of Fairfax Courthouse. For years it was observed according to local tradition, with Southern States taking great pride in their observance and creation of the day of honor. By the early 20th century multiple groups and associations from across the country, most of them with backgrounds rooted in the Civil War, moved to have the day uniformly established. Until 1970 it was observed on the 30th of May, in 1971 the government moved to formally establish the day on the last Monday of May, to create a three day weekend. The VFW, among other organizations, opposes this as they view it undermines the true meaning of the day. In any case, this day marks a unified day across the nation to remember those Service Members that fell fighting for our right and to maintain the freedom that we all so much enjoy and cherish.
  • The First Declaration of War: Monday, June 1, 1812 – After years of growing tensions between the US and Britain, President James Madison sends a letter to Congress that covered general American grievances against Great Britain. One of the greatest issues at the time with Britain was their continued impressment of US sailors on the open sea, and forcing them into British service. Though the letter was not a declaration of war the House of Representatives would deliberate for four days over the letter. After discussions the House would vote 61% in favor of declaring war against Great Britain. On 18 June the President would sign the measure into law, formally starting the War of 1812. With no Federalists in Congress supporting the war it would quickly come to be called “Mr. Madison’s War” by critics. This is the first time the USA would declare of war on another nation and was the closet vote to declare war in the nations history.
  • Sabre Supremacy: Monday, June 1, 1953 – In MiG Alley over Korea the USAF would have their best month of the war. For several reasons, weather and inexperienced enemy pilots among them, the swept wing F-86 Sabre jet fighter would dominate the skies. Sabre pilots would destroy at least 77 MiG-15 fighters with 16 MiGs being shot down on 30 June alone.
  • USS Ranger: Monday, June 4, 1934 – The USS Ranger is commissioned. The Ranger was the first US aircraft carrier designed from the keel up to be a carrier, with previous carriers having consisted of converted large Navy ships. The USS Ranger was the only ship of its class built, but was quickly outclassed by carriers built after it. The carrier was deemed to slow for service in the Pacific Theater of WW2 and would be used in the Atlantic against the German Kriegsmarine.

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