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The Length of Time This Combat Vet Stayed Awake Will Shock You

This is an article snippet of the vet that didn't sleep for 40 yrs

And he found trying to sleep more exhausting than staying awake.

Meet Paul Kern

Paul Kern was a Hungarian serving in the First World War. During his service, he was shot in the head and survived the wound.

After having part of his frontal cortex removed, Paul lost the ability to sleep forever.

Stunningly, he lived this way for 40 years.

Paul was shot on the Eastern front while fighting with the Hapsburg Army.

A news article clipping from after the first great war.

Paul felt no need to sleep.

In fact, it is said that the lack of sleep never even affected his quality of work as a Pension Clerk after the war.

He is quoted saying that he tried for two hours to sleep each day, yet found that MORE exhausting than just staying awake.

Doctors speculate that his brain was able to rest well enough during this time to function. It is also speculated that Mr. Kern could have possibly fallen asleep for a few seconds at a time, many times a day.

This behavior was never witnessed, however.

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  1. The photo you have at the top is of US Army Sgt Alvin York, MoH recipient.

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