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The Missouri Responds

US Military History Throughout The Years

Short bit of history you know and some you may not!

  • On Assignment: Monday, March 7, 1994 – For the first time in the US Navy’s history women are assigned orders aboard a combatant ship, the USS Eisenhower. The historic assignment came as military and civilian leaders reassessed the overall involvement of women in combat after the Gulf War. Later that year in October the Eisenhower would depart for a six-month deployment, the first time women would be a part of a combat deployment on a US Navy ship.
  • Super Dreadnought: Saturday, March 11, 1916 – The USS Nevada is commissioned into the US Navy. The Nevada was the first super-dreadnought and was a leap forward in the design of the dreadnought class of ship. The ship was the first in the US Navy to have triple gun turrets, a design that would be included on nearly all battleships afterwards. She was also the largest ship built up to that time in the Navy, with an initial tonnage of 27,500 and an overhaul during WW2 would increase that to 30,500. The USS Nevada would serve in both world wars, protecting convoys during WW1 and was at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack. She was the only battleship to get underway during the attack, even after suffering damage from multiple bombs and being hit by a torpedo. The damage caused the ship to sink to the bottom of the harbor, she would be salvaged and modernized afterwards. She would serve in the Atlantic, including during the Normandy invasion and make her way back to the Pacific to serve in multiple battle including Iwo Jima. After the war the Nevada was determined to be too old for the active fleet in the Navy and used as a target at Bikini Atoll for atomic bomb experiments.
  • The Missouri Responds: Tuesday, March 10, 1953 – During her second deployment to Korea, during the Korean War, the USS Missouri comes under fire from North Korean shore batteries. The battleship was providing support to carrier operations and providing shore bombardments. On this day the USS Missouri would come under fire for the second time from enemy positions, the first being only 5 days prior. In response to the enemy fire, she would fire 998 from her 5 inch guns, the most those guns would ever fire in a day. Near the end of March the USS Missouri would once again fire her guns, this time being the last of the war. In July the armistice was signed, marking the end of the USS Missouri’s combat duties for the war.

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