ARM Ready Rope Dispenser, 550 Cord, 100 feet

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  • 8 Strand 550 Cord
  • Built in Cutter
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Compact
  • Internal Storage Compartment

Issue Type: Aftermarket

Manufactured by:

  • Atwood Rope Manufacturing

Country of Manufacture: USA

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This is a Ready Roll of a 100 feet of 550 Cord from Atwood Rope Company. The 550 cord is held on a reusable spool that makes the cord easy to carry, store and keep neatly rolled. At 4mm thick, the UV and rot resistant 8 strand 550 cord is of the same quality and ruggedness as USGI 550 cord. When you need to cut the cord for use, there is a built in cutter on the spool. With that, it’s quick and easy to get the cord you need for the job without having to pull out other gear. Also on the spool is a cord lock, so you don’t have to worry about loose 550 cord hanging around and making life difficult. Inside the spool is a small compartment. This space is sized to hold a normal lighter, and can be used to hold other survival items or small tools. With a large loop on the spool, you can choose to attach the spool to your gear with gear like carabiners, or use it to hold the spool up while drawing a long line of cord. This is a seriously cool piece of gear, that can make your life a lot easier and is even easier to store and carry. For easy storage, and use, these fit inside most standard double 5.56mm mag pouches. When stored cutter to the top, you don’t even have to pull the Ready Roll out to draw and cut cord! Mag pouch not included.

Lighter not included.

Made in the USA.


  • 8 Strand 550 Cord – 550 Cord has 8 strands. The sheath, and 7 interior strands.
  • Built in Cutter – Has a built in cutting edge for cutting material.
  • Lightweight Construction – Built with lightweight materials for extended use.
  • Compact – Designed to be as minimal in size while still functioning without any problems.
  • Internal Storage Compartment – Has built in compartment(s) for storing items. See main description for size of compartments.

Manufactured by:

  • Atwood Rope Manufacturing – ARM is a specialized manufacturer of rope and accessories for commercial, industrial, electrical, military, arborist, utility and marine needs and communities.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.

Issue Type: Aftermarket – This is a military style item that is not issued within the Military.

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