Polartec Micro Fleece Cap

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  • Polartec Micro Fleece
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable

Issue Type: USGI Contractor

Manufactured by:

  • McGuire Gear

Country of Manufacture: USA

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These are fleece caps in Polartec Micro Fleece. They are of the same design and quality as the standard fleece cap used in the US Military. The micro fleece is soft and lightweight while remaining durable. They are fast drying and breathable while remaining warm. These are a great beanie for cold winter days.

Polartec introduced microfleece as a lightweight, breathable, and highly insulating fabric in the 1980s. Its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, moisture-wicking ability, and comfort quickly made it popular in outdoor clothing. Polartec’s continuous innovation and refinement of microfleece technology have led to its enduring popularity in various garments for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and those seeking effective cold-weather clothing without bulk.


  • Polartec Micro Fleece – Made with micro fleece from Polartec. It’s soft and resistant while being quick drying, warm and breathable.
  • Quick Drying – Material is quick drying.
  • Breathable – Breathable means it allows moisture to escape to help keep the wear dry even when sweating.

Manufactured by:

  • McGuire Gear – Manufactured by McGuire Gear, an authorized US Government clothing manufacturer.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.

Issue Type: USGI Contractor – These are made by the same government contractor that makes the issued item. Due to being the commercially available version of the item they will be missing insignia or other distinctive features that would normally be included. They are still made to the exact mil-spec for durability and function but are missing logos and insignia.

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2 reviews for Polartec Micro Fleece Cap

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I have three of these, green, tan and black. I just came back from Iceland where it was typically around 32 degrees and in the mid 20s with the wind chill. I mean it was really windy at times out in the country. I was nice and warm with my fleece cap on and wore a different one based on the colors I was wearing. Plus they are so logout weight it’s easy to fold one up and stuff it in your pocket.

  2. Issac (verified owner)

    It is a nice comfortable hat that is reasonably priced. It is made out of 100 percent polyester Polartec fleece which is warm, even when damp. There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t get one unless you like your head being cold.

    I have used this fleece in several snowstorms up here in the UP of Michigan, it’s not like a polartec gen 3 fleece where the fleece doesn’t stop the wind. This fleece cap will stop the majority of the wind, some wind will get up from under the hat. You only really feel the wind when it’s blowing 20 MPH or more but it’s pretty negligible.

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