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Vietnam Era 20 Round M16 Mag Pouches!

Retro gear that’s great for everything from collections to everyday use.

We’ve been digging through our mountain of vintage gear and have come across some great gear. Woodland camo BDU coats are finally here and ready to go. The Type I is the first pattern of the woodland camo uniform adopted in 1979. The coats were issued until 1995 when replaced with Type III coats, which will be up in a few weeks as well! We also came across a good handful of quad 20 round M16 mag pouches. Those pouches were one of the first pouches specifically issued to go with the M16 after its widespread adoption and replaced the M1956 ammo pouch. They are an awesome and somewhat hard to find pouch for any collector or reenactor. Don’t forget to also check out the M17 Gas Mask Carriers too! They can be used as retro messenger bag and as a kid I carried all sorts of stuff in them while tromping around the woods.

Don’t forget, Orders over $55 get FREE shipping and all orders over $100 get $10 OFF!

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