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Camo From Across The Pond

Looking to spice up your camo collection?

We just got some awesome camo we’ve never seen before in! The UAE Special Forces desert camo is a pretty cool pattern that would probably fool a camel into thinking you’re just a pile of sand. The uniforms were also made by Crye Precision, so not only are they in a hard to find pattern, but made for hard use by one of the most respected combat uniform manufacturers out there. The UAE uniforms are similar in cut and design to the standard Crye G3 uniforms, with the pants having a cool cargo pocket design we’ve never seen before. We also just got some British Mk6 ballistic helmets in! These helmets are a bit different than US Military ones but still ready to go for protecting that noggin. We’re also getting low on stock on the other British gear featured today, so if you want some other great pieces of foreign surplus grab it today. All UAE camo is in limited stock across a range of sizes, so if you’re not able to find your size you’ll still be able to grab one for your collection!

Don’t forget, Orders over $55 get FREE shipping and all orders over $100 get $10 OFF!

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*This is a new stock update, all offers and prices are subject to change.

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